Icelab Mango Passion Fruit Jam - Natural Artisanal Spreadable Fruit

Icelab Mango Passion Fruit Jam - Natural Artisanal Spreadable Fruit


Fruit jams can sometimes feel a little too traditional, with berries running the gamut in the preserve industry. Why not try something a little more tropical, with this Mango Passion Fruit Jam from Icelab. Using our unique, gourmet techniques, along with the finest mangos and passion fruits local to our production facility in Bali, this is a gourmet jam with a homemade charm.


This jam works in various different contexts, being ideal in desserts, small meals, and snacks at any time of day. Spread some on your toast at breakfast time, dip your favorite pastry in it, use it to add a tropical touch to your baked goods, or have a speedy spoonful as a sweet kicker to help you through your day. However you choose to enjoy our jam, you can be confident that you’re in for a real treat.


When it comes to our mixed fruit jams, we believe in using natural ingredients. That means fruit, sugar, and a binding agent. There’s no need to pack preserves with huge quantities of chemicals, compounds, and ‘can’t-pronounce-that’s, which is why we work towards keeping things natural, bringing the best out of our ingredients and onto your plate.


Choose Icelab today, and enjoy the tropical taste sensation that comes with this artisanal Mango Passion Fruit Jam.


    We make this mixed fruit jam with both delectable mangos and passion fruits to create a tropical flavor experience. Sometimes fruit preserves and jams can be a little too traditional, but with this one, you get to transport your taste buds a little closer to the equator.


    We make our mango and passion fruit preserve using gourmet methods in Bali. Our team are experts when it comes to fruit, and using our unique techniques we've crafted something in the spirit of gourmet, while still providing the comforting feel of homemade fruit jams and jellies.


    Our fruit preserves are crafted using mangos and passion fruits local to our production facility in Bali. Being close to the equator, Bali is the perfect environment for fruits to grow, making it a similarly ideal location for us to make our passion fruit and mango jam.


    Our passion fruit and mango preserves are made without being loaded with artificial flavors and colors. Jams don’t need to be rammed with compounds and chemicals that we can’t make sense of, which is why our focus is on good fruit and our gourmet preparation methods.


    This jar of delicious natural fruit works amazingly in a plethora of different contexts. Use it as a fruit spread for toast in the morning, lather it on pastries, use it in your baked goods, dollop it in on your granola, or even just enjoy it straight out the jar by the spoonful.