Icelab Strawberry & Raspberry Jam - Natural Artisanal Spreadable Fruit

Icelab Strawberry & Raspberry Jam - Natural Artisanal Spreadable Fruit


Can’t decide between the subtle sweetness of strawberry jam or the tangy touch of raspberry preserve? Why not enjoy both with this Strawberry & Raspberry Jam from Icelab. Using our unique, gourmet techniques, along with the finest raspberry and strawberry fruit local to our production facility in Bali, this is a gourmet jam with a homemade charm.


This jam works in so many different contexts, being perfect in meals, desserts, and snacks all throughout the day. Spread some on your morning toast or bagel, load it into a croissant, infuse it into your baked goods, or have a quick spoonful for a sweet booster in your day. However you choose to enjoy our jam, you can be sure that you’re in for a real treat.


When it comes to strawberry and raspberry preserves and jams, we believe in keeping things natural. That means fruit, sugar, and a binding agent. There’s no need to load jams with masses of chemicals, compounds, and ‘can’t-pronounce-that’s, which is why we strive to maintain the natural side, bringing the best out of our ingredients and onto your plate.


Choose Icelab today, and enjoy the sweet, tangy, and addictive taste sensation that comes with this artisanal Strawberry & Raspberry Jam.


    We make this mixed fruit jam with delicious raspberries and strawberries to create a veritable blast of flavor. Sometimes it's hard to decide whether you want a strawberry preserve or a raspberry marmalade, but with this jar you get the best of both worlds.


    We craft our strawberry & raspberry jam preserves using gourmet methods in Bali. Our team knows their way around fruit and using our unique techniques we've created something that has an air of gourmet, while still providing the comfort of classic homemade fruit jams and jellies.


    Our fruit preserves are crafted using strawberry and raspberry fruit that's local to our production facility in Bali. Being near the equator, Bali is a wonderful environment in which fruits can grow, making it an equally wonderful place for us to make our artisan fruit preserves.


    Our raspberry and strawberry jams and preserves are made without the use of any artificial colors or flavors. Jams shouldn't be rammed with words we can't pronounce and chemicals we haven't heard of, which is why our focus is on good fruit and excellent preparation.


    This jar of delicious strawberry and raspberry crush is perfect in a variety of contexts. Spread it on your toast in the morning, have it with a croissant, use it in cakes and baked goods, stir it into your oatmeal, or even just enjoy it straight out of the jar by the spoonful.