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Created by gourmets in Bali, Icelab is the excellence of taste in the purest tradition of artisan makers. Icelab is proud to produce premium gelato, sorbet, delicious jams & tasty salted caramel spreads with natural ingredients only.


Two of our main cores at Icelab are the preservation of our planet & listen to the animal cause as much as possible. That's why we reduced massively our plastic consumption those past years to use only eco papercup & glass jar for all of our food production.


We also developed many plant-based recipes with coconut, soy or almond milk for gelato, reducing our cow milk & cream use.


Create new combinations with finest local ingredients,

Produce delicious food products with less sugar,

Be more respectful of the world we live in,

that's what Icelab is doing for 7 years in Indonesia for your delight.

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Jam & Caramel

For your delight always

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Tasty & delicate in its texture, these homemade jams & salted caramel spread will be perfect with bread, waffle, crepe, ice cream, in many pastry cake preparations but also drinks as coffee, cafe latte, tea, hot chocolate.....

or only with spoon for addicts!

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Icelab can assist you for any kind of events that counts for you, make it a unique and singular gelato experience to share with your family, friends and clients (wedding, birthday, company events, coffee break...)

You are GM, F&B or Chef in a resort or a restaurant and you want to work with Icelab, generate additional revenues for your company and reinforce your brand impact with trendy design and professional partner...

we can provide many equipment & materials as freezer, showcase, menus, corner installation...

As a real partner, we are not only delivering premium food products to you, we are also bringing all of our expertise to perfectly fulfill your needs.


For any kind of demand,  feel free to contact us at contact@icelab.fr

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We will always produce & provide quality products to people searching for natural dairy & vegan premium food.
We are thankful to all of our partners working with us.
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Icelab Outlets

*Jalan Pantai Berawa n°99, Tamora Gallery, Canggu

*Jalan Pantai Kuta n°36, Kuta

Icelab Corners

*VIP Finns, Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu

*Bali Zoo, Singapadu, Gianyar

You can also buy our delicious products

in Bali:

all Bali Buda stores, Frestive, Popular Renon & Pepito Canggu, Tiara Gatsu, Tiara Dewata, Papaya Kuta,

Moris Grocer Kerobokan...

in Jakarta:

Foodhall, Grand Lucky, Duta BuahHokky...


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