"Icelab" creates its own Gelato and Sorbets in its state-of-the-art lab.

This incredible density captures the authentic tastes of every flavor creating a singular experience "Icelab".

Created by French gourmets & lovers of ice cream,

Icelab is the excellence of taste in the purest tradition of the "gelato".


Ice creams and sorbets are homemade everyday in the Pantai Kuta's laboratory.

Icelab creates gelato with fresh milk, fresh cream & Premium ingredients (vanilla, chocolate...)


Once in the mouth, Gelato reveals its authenticity.


Icelab can assist you for any kind of events that counts for you and make it a unique

and singular gelato experience to share with your family, friends and clients.

(wedding, birthday, party...)

You are a hotel, a fancy restaurant, you want to work with Icelab in your place,

generate additional revenues for your company

and reinforce your brand impact with a trendy design and professional partner.

We provide many things for free as freezer, showcase, designs, menus, corner installation, staff and of course, fresh gelato and sorbet. 

As a real partner, we are not only delivering gelato and sorbets,

we are also bringing you all our expertise to perfectly fulfill your needs.


For any kind of demand,  feel free to contact us at contact@icelab.fr

Jalan Pantai Kuta n°36, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
 Ph: 0812 4649 2390
General: contact@icelab.fr
Purchase: order@icelab.fr
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